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10-year-old girl delivers handwritten thank-you notes to police at Cape Girardeau event

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Police officers, firefighters and many other people were in attendance at the "Back the Blue" event at Cape Girardeau County Park Saturday afternoon - and while officers and fire fighters expected support and thanks from everyone, they didn't expect one thing that happened. 

A 10-year old girl gave a hand written note to every officer and firefighter there, to thank them for what they do. 

Trynity Vanek, 10, from Cape Girardeau, took a pen and some paper today and wrote dozens of thank you notes before she came to the event. 

"I love our country and our officers that served for us, keeping us all safe," Vanek said. 

When she got here, Vanek went up to each officer and firefighter and gave them a note and a hug, thanking them personally. 

"They're just really nice and they keep our country safe," Vanek said. "They're doing really well trying to stay the best they can without dying or anything."

Officers were smiling from ear to ear and thankful for not only support from the community, but for also this girl that said she understood why the police and firefighters meant so much to everyone. 

"That meant the most," Cape Girardeau Sergeant Rick Schmidt said. "Not only because she took the time to make hand written notes for all of us, but she's ten years old. She's going to be taking care of me when I can't work anymore. She's the future. It's priceless."

At the event were police officers from Marble Hill, Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Department, Jackson, Sikeston, Charleston, and more.

Fire fighters were here from around the area as well which include Fruitland and Scott County Rural.  

The event paid respect and tribute to those officers that gave their life, past and current officers as well. This also includes fire fighters and other authority figures from around the area.  

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