Becky Riney - Jackson High School

Becky Riney

Jackson High School



"'Coach' Riney is the best because she just keeps giving. She will stay at school as late as you need her to and she will get there as early as you need her to. She stayed with me at school until 10:00 one night and came in on Sunday."

"In addition to all the time she spends teaching, se serves as the FBLA advisor. I cannot even count the hours she spends with us on the nights and weekends.."

"She is confident and composed no matter what, and inspires all of us to reach our full potential ."

"She encourages us to set goals and then, step by step, helps us to achieve them. She usually has more confidence in us that we have in ourselves. She helps us learn how to cope with life."

"Even with all the time she puts into teaching and FBLA, 'Coach' Riney has always found time to talk with me when I am down and to work with me to find solutions to any problem I might face."

"...her work ethic is a bright light of inspiration in a world where many do only the bare minimum. She pushes herself to her extremes just to see her students soar."