Douglas Pokorny - Clearwater High School

Douglas Pokorny

Clearwater High School

High School

Literature & English

"Mr. Pokorny really extends himself in every way to be the Heartland's Best. He has made teaching and the art of education his life."

"By Mr. Pokorny's love for learning himself, he can't help but instill this love to his students."

"Mr. Pokorny has dedicated his career to helping students realize their potential and excel in all aspects of their student careers.  He expects no credit or recognition in return."

"He never quits on any student."

"He filled out many scholarship forms for me .  He helped all of his students by making them perform at higher levels than they thought possible."

"To him, teaching is not just a job, it is a passion. He is a remarkable man and deserves to be honored."

"He will take extra time and effort to help students get a good grasp on material."

"He prepares students well for the college experience. Students who have not had to study before learn study skills as well as how to apply knowledge."

"He inpires and motivates students of all different backgrounds and cliques. He does this through an unusual style of teaching that forces his students to think rather than memorize."

"When you enter his classroom, he treats you the same as he would an adult."

"I was just an average student who made good grades but now I know the importance of working to my full potential."