National Guard Changes On the Way in Missouri

National Guard Changes On the Way in Missouri
By: Ryan Tate

The Missouri National Guard is about to experience its biggest changes since World War II. The changes correspond with the Pentagon's effort to more closely match the Guard's mission with the current demands of war.
"Each self-contained unit is to be a brigade-sized building block of combat power we refer to as a module. It replicates the war-fighting capabilities of a division, but it does it on a lesser scale," Brigadier General King Sidwell said on Monday. "Modules are not associated with any specific higher headquarters, and because of their structure, they can be plugged into any army headquarters both physically and electronically."
That means some changes are on the way for soldiers in Southeast Missouri. The Guard is reducing the number of people assigned to field artillery and engineering companies, and increasing the number of military police officers. According to a spokesperson with the Missouri National Guard, some of the engineers in the Heartland might be forced to become military police, if they want to stay in areas where they are currently stationed. Otherwise, they will have to learn new skills.
The changes will take place over the next year and a half.