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Southeast announces ‘Heroes, Villains, and Monsters’ comic art exhibition

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Southeast Missouri University has announced it will host its own comic book artist show, “Heroes, Villains, Monsters,” starting on November 11 through January 29, 2017 in the Rosemary Berkel and Harry L. Crisp II Museum at its River Campus.

An opening reception is planned for Nov. 11 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the museum.

“Heroes, Villains, and Monsters” will showcase the amazing art works of comic book artists like Rick Burchett, Paul Gulacy, Terese Nielsen and William Stout.

The exhibition will explore society’s heroic and mythical ideals of heroes, villains and monsters, which often times are blurred and not easily distinguished.

From Batman to King Kong, the artworks provide viewers with a unique glimpse into the illustrious careers and oeuvre of each of the artists whose images are iconic in popular culture as well as in the comic book industry.

About the featured “Heroes, Villains, Monsters” artists:

Rick Burchett

Rick Burchett, a 1975 Southeast graduate, is an American comic book artist known for his work on such characters as Batman and Superman.

Burchett began his artistic career in St. Louis, Missouri, and did his early professional comics work at First Comics, Pacific Comics, Capital Comics, and AC Comics, on titles including Black Diamond, EMan, American Flagg!, Great American Western and The Phantom.

Burchett’s first work for the company was on Blackhawk, followed by titles like Batman, The Flash, Superman, Black Hood, Wonder Woman, The Justice League and Green Lantern. His work also appears on Marvel Comics SheHulk.

William Stout

William Stout is an American fantasy artist and illustrator with a specialization in paleontological art.

His paintings have been shown in more than 70 exhibitions, including 12 one-man shows. He has worked on more than 30 feature films, doing everything from storyboard art to production design.

He has designed theme parks and has worked in radio with the Firesign Theatre.

Stout has a Bachelor’s degree from the California Institute of the Arts.

His work appears in comic books to album covers including the cover for the first issue of pulp magazine Coven 13, the Rolling Stones’ AllMeat Music and the Who’s Who’s Zoo and Tales from the Who.

His work also appears in the entertainment, film and television industry from Disneyland to Buck Rogers to Men in Black.

Stout’s film credits include “The Mist,” 2006, directed by Frank Darabont; “The Prestige,” 2005, directed by Christopher Nolan; “John Carter of Mars,” 2005, directed by Kerry Conran; “Pan’s Labyrinth,” 2004, directed by Guillermo del Toro; “The Ant Bully,” 2003, directed by John A. Davis; “Men in Black,” 1997, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld; “Jurassic Park,” 1993, directed by Steven Spielberg; “Dune,” 1983, directed by David Lynch; “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” 1980, directed by Steven Spielberg.

Terese Nielsen

Terese Nielsen is a California-based freelance fantasy artist.

She studied at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Nielsen began her artistic career illustrating several superhero trading cards for DC and Marvel. She is most known for her illustrations for the trading card game Magic: The Gathering. In addition, Nielsen’s art has appeared on book covers and interiors and movie posters including Ruins, a Marvel graphic novel; Marvel Comics Code of Honor series; Dungeons and Dragons settings Jakandor, Land of Legend and Jakandor, Isle of Destiny, and covers of three issues of Dragon.

Her art also appears in the video games Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father and 3DO’s Meridian 59.

Nielsen’s work has been featured on MAGIC and Harry Potter Cards, on the cover of Star Wars for Dark Horse Comics, and in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

Paul Gulacy

Paul Gulacy is an American comic book illustrator best known for his work on DC and Marvel Comics, and for drawing one of the first graphic novels, Eclipse Enterprises’ 1978 Sabre: Slow Fade of an Endangered Species with writer Don McGregor.

He is most associated with the 1970s martial arts/espionage series, Marvel’s Master of Kung Fu.

At DC, his work appears in titles including Batman, Catwoman, Green Lantern: Dragon Lord, Jonah Hex, and JSA Classified. At Marvel, his work appears in titles including Marvel Comics Presents, Penance: Relentless, True Believers (miniseries) and Conan: The Skull of Set.

His work has also appeared in independent publishers, including Dark Horse Comics, Epic Comics, Eclipse Comics and America’s Best Comics. Gulacy’s comics also appeared on Toby Keith’s duet music video with Willie Nelson.

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