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Everyday Hero: Mark Brewer

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The Boy Scouts of America has been around for more than a century.

You’ve probably either heard of it or maybe been involved in some way, as a scout, parent or even leader.

Mark Brewer has been all three.

He's spent decades shaping the character of young men.

"Scouting is learning to be a good citizen and to be a leader." said Everyday Hero Mark Brewer.

Mark Brewer should know.

His life is all about scouting.

“I was only 20 years old," Brewer said. "The man that was our scout master walked in one night and said here you go, its yours and walked out.”

From scout, to scoutmaster, Brewer has been at the helm of Perryville Troop 155 a long time.

Boasting some 70 Eagle Scouts along the way.

Joshua Taylor is one of them.

“You know one of the things I always liked about Mark, he was kind and he cared but he was also desirably rough around the edges," Taylor said. "He held you accountable and that’s not always something that happens to an 11 year-old boy."

But it did happen for the 300-400 boys that have gone through Brewer's troop over the years.

Providing them with not only a male role model, but also a place to learn life saving skills.

“In our troop who saved someone who was drowning and when I talked to him about it I said where did you learn it and he said scout camp," Brewer said. "He said whenever I was swimming out to save that guy everything they taught me came back like slow motion and I knew exactly what to do to save his life."

As Brewer said, scouting is much more than pitching a tent.

It’s created a second family that feels just like his own.

“Everyone of those boys it seemed like was a son of mine," he said. "Every one of them."

“From a leader and a role model to a friend," Joshua Taylor said.

He holds the memories of those kids close and all the tangibles from over the years are on display.

“I bought this from a lady who has an antique shop. She called me up. I bought it. 1967 edition cause that’s when I joined scouting. It means so much to me.”

A collection that he’s always adding, “wherever I go I’m always looking for something different," he said.

And he is proud to share with whomever walks through his front door.

"Doesn’t do a whole lot of good to keep it in a box does it?”

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