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Perryville PD to get new tool to fight crime

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A new technology to track down crime could also be catching you on camera.

Cape Girardeau Police Department were the first in our area to utilize it now another Heartland department is following their lead.

It's called a license plate reader, it takes images of plates and can tell if the plate or the car are stolen.

The Perryville Police Department will soon get new technology it would never be able to afford without a recent grant it recently received.

The department will get a license plate reader, the average cost is between $18-19,000.

Assistant Chief of Police Bill Jones said the Perryville PD would never be able to budget for a tool like this.

Cape Girardeau Police Department already has a license plate reader but it's a new tool departments can use to fight crime.

"They've got all kinds of things out here, that they can read your plates, they can read how fast you're going," Latoya Aid, Cape Girardeau resident said.

"Before this technology came out, it was that it took a lot of time to hunt down vehicles, to hunt down and really look," Darin Hickey, technology and training officer, for the Cape Girardeau Police Department said.

He said times are changing to get the job done faster.

"These cameras don't run license plates, they don't run every registered owner, they don't tell us who the registered owners are," Hickey said.

He said it doesn't matter the size of the department, anyone can benefit from its use.

"If you're spending hours, and hours, and hours on an investigation where you can spend minutes on an investigation and be able to clear that and move onto another crime, move onto another victim then absolutely it's going to benefit any size dept police department," Hickey said.

The department hopes to get the license plate reader sometime in August or middle of September.

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