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Mural in Christopher, IL has more to it than meets the eye

(Hank Cavagnaro, KFVS) (Hank Cavagnaro, KFVS)

When we think of going to see a painting we might think of a museum or an art gallery. But sometimes art can be a little easier to find. Much like in Christopher, Illinois.

The sign reads Nana’s on market. But it’s not a store front, well not one you can go into at least. It’s a mural painted by Kris Killman in Downtown Christopher. He's been an artist for more than 25 years.

But this isn’t simply paint put on to a metal door. This one is special.

“It’s basically a dedication to their mother," said Killman. "In loving memory to their mother, Nana, so we put all of these things hidden in this mural associated with Nana”

Hidden inside the fake store front are small things that her children helped think of. They described a few.

“Led Zeppelin wrote Stairway to heaven and we figured nana’s in heaven,” said Bill Rogers, Nana's son. 

“Avid walker," said Katie McDonald as she described her mother. "It’s probably the reason she lived to be 100, and you can see tennis shoes on the wall up there”

“Huge, huge, U of I fan, basketball especially,” said McDonald

“222 west market, that’s the real address," said Rogers

While the end product was to create a memorial for Nana it started very differently. Rogers explained that there was a matching program to help better the look of downtown Christopher. With that money he bought a new white door for his garage. 

“The idea was just originally to make downtown Christopher to look better," said Rogers. "My wife came with the idea of making it a store front and my sister had the idea to hide things”

“She deserves something more than just a stone somewhere in a cemetery," said McDonald

The mural took Killman more than 65 hours and over three weeks to complete. He also had the help of two others, Missy Carstens and Janet Bixler, to help fill in the inside.

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