Trump & Clinton: 'Most unpopular nominees ever?'

IL residents react to Clinton, Trump as party nominees

(KFVS) - A recent study suggests Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the two most-disliked presidential nominees in modern times.

After Sen. Ted Cruz spoke at the Republican National Convention, without endorsing Trump as many expected him to, there was also a notable presence of Bernie Sanders supporters the following week at the Democratic National Convention whose minds were still set on a Sanders presidency.

Data from the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research at Cornell University and the PEW research center show both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the most unpopular candidates to be nominated in the history of the modern Republican and Democratic parties.

Political expert and the director of SIU's Paul Simon Public Policy Institute David Yepsen said the divide within the two major political parties could lead to increased support in the upcoming election for alternative candidates.

"Both parties have high negatives and un-favorables with the electorate as a whole, so, both of these candidates have got some serious work to do beyond the conventions," Yepsen said. "Will disaffected Democrats be voting Green Party candidates? Will disaffected Republicans be voting for the libertarian? Those are real wildcards."

Those wildcards are New Mexico Governor and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson whom will be on the ballot in 50 states for November's general election, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein, whom will be on the ballot in 23 states.

Despite the divide, Yepsen also said the race for the White House is still young, and the wounds suffered by Sanders and Cruz supporters are still fresh.

"Some of the issues people are talking about now will sort of fade away," Yepsen said. "The emails, the Cruz-Trump division… I predict people in their party will still come home to their party, and this race will still come down to what happens in about 8 to 10 battleground states."

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