Tips for driving during wet weather

Tips for driving during wet weather

(KFVS) - During rainy weather, streets can become extremely slick and become one of the causes of accidents.

While there can be many causes for crashes, Trooper Nicholas March with the Missouri State Highway Patrol has some tips for reducing your chances.

"We see a pretty big increase in the number of crashes when it rains and most of them are from people just not slowing down," Trooper March said.

He also said drivers should make sure their headlights are actually turned on.

"A lot of people have it on auto and don't realize their headlight aren't on," Trooper March said.

Tire tread is also another concern Trooper March wants drivers to keep an eye on as it can cause your car to hydroplane.

"A lot of crashes we see where people say they've hydroplaned is because is there's no tread on their tires hardly at all," Trooper March said.

According to Trooper March, one way to check your tires is by using the penny trick, which is putting a penny between tire treads, and checking to see if President Lincoln's head is covered at all.

Don Buchholtz from Imperial, Mo. said there's one thing in particular driver's should be watching for.

"A lot of common sense I think that people have forgotten a lot of driving skills," Buchholtz said.

The Missouri Department of Transportation adds to the list:

  • Always drive at a safe speed. The speed limit is the maximum speed allowed under normal conditions. Adjust your speed taking into account the weather conditions.
  • Don't use cruise control when driving in rain to avoid skidding and hydroplaning.
  • As always, please wear your seat belt and give driving your full attention. Distracted drivers are more likely to be in a crash.

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