Does It Work: Pocket Hose Top Brass II

Does It Work: Pocket Hose Top Brass II
Greg Vaughn of Cape Cars in Jackson, Mo. tested the product. (Source: KFVS)
Greg Vaughn of Cape Cars in Jackson, Mo. tested the product. (Source: KFVS)

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - Are you sick of wrestling with your old heavy garden hose?

The light-weight Pocket Hose Top Brass II claims it expands and shrinks for easy watering, but does it work?

To test out the Pocket Hoses Top Brass II, we turned to Greg Vaughn with Cape Cars in Jackson, Missouri.

Vaughn and his co-workers detail cars before they're put out on the lot for sale.

"I'm a detail stickler because I want the cars to look great when they hit the lot," said Vaughn.

Vaughn said his operation goes through a lot of hoses. Most of them are heavy and easily kink.

Vaughn removed pocket hose from its packaging and found it easy to untangle. He attached the Top Brass nozzle to the shop spigot and turned on the tap.

The hose quickly expanded and did not kink or leak.

Vaughn said he liked the adjustable Top Brass Nozzle included with the Pocket Hose II.

"It looks like it goes from a fine mist to a full jet-stream," said Vaughn. "I like that. It's compact and adjustable. This seems really well made. It has three little ball bearings in there that it rides on and it's pretty nice."

Vaughn sprayed down a car and then turned off the water. As promised in the product's commercial, Pocket Hose retracted and shrunk once the water drained from the hose.

"It's back to its original size," said Vaughn. "I think you could probably store it in that original container it came in and not have to worry about a big hose rack."

The product advertisement said the Top Brass connectors won't fail under pressure, but can it survive a day on the job at Cape Cars?

"Ordinary hoses - They get run over, they get smashed in garage doors, and car door," said Vaughn.

To test this claim we turned the water back on, closed the nozzle to back up pressure and ran over the brass connector and the hose with a three-quarter ton truck.

"It looks good," said Vaughn. "It's good as new other than some beauty marks from the asphalt. It's not leaking, it did not burst from the pressure or anything. The tires on the other side of the truck ran over the hose at the same time. Impressive, very impressive."

Vaughn gives Pocket Hose Top Brass II five stars on this Does It Work test.

The five-star rating comes with somewhat of an asterisk.

One of Vaughn's co-workers said he's owned two Pocket Hose Top Brass II hoses. He had to replace the first one because he made the mistake of not reading the fine print on the directions that state: "To prolong the life of your Pocket Hose Top Brass II completely drain and ALWAYS store INDOORS when not in use."

However, KFVS Heartland News director David Horn said he loves his Pocket Hose Top Brass II and has left it outdoors for three to four months without issue.

Viewer David Henderson of Olive Branch, Illinois told us his Pocket Hose Top Brass II worked great for the first month and then sprung a leak near the brass connector and rendered the hose useless, otherwise he said he would have given the product five stars too.

Pocket Hose Top Brass II is available at most major retailers for $29.99.

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