30 Weeks - Name possibilities for Baby #2

30 Weeks - Name possibilities for Baby #2

Week 30 – Names for baby #2

What's in a name?!!! Ummm….only everything!!!

It took my husband and me a LONG time and A LOT of back and forth to decide on a name for our first daughter. This time…different baby girl, same story! Only this time is seems even harder!

If you've been following along "Behind the Bump," that is pretty much the theme of this pregnancy. Basically the same…just slightly harder. (Let's hope this theme doesn't follow me into the delivery room!)

Honestly, we didn't have my first daughter's full name finalized until a day or two before her birth! So, I still have about 10 weeks to find the perfect name! I absolutely LOVE Vivian's name and I'm just waiting to feel the same way about another name, but that hasn't happened yet.

Also, this time around I feel like the new baby's name needs to "go with" Vivian. I'm not even sure I know what that means…but I feel like I'll know it when I pick the name.

It's funny because I can think of so many boy names that I like, but very few girl names. I'm sure if I was having a boy it would be the complete opposite.

Here are a few of the names on my short list right now:

  • Claudia
  • Juliet
  • Elizabeth
  • Noelle
  • Olive

So, I am still searching!!! Let me know if you have any great girl names!!!

Also, I had my check up with my doctor this week! The heart beat sounded great! That is just something that never gets old. I was a little worried about baby girl being breached, but my doctor told me not to worry until 36 weeks or so. I know her head is up because I can feel her hiccups at the top of my belly most of the time.

Hopefully she gets in the right position over the next few weeks!! Other than the heat, not much to complain about. ;)

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