Ironton, Mo. barbershop missing family heirloom barber pole

Family's heirloom barber pole stolen

IRONTON, MO (KFVS) - Sit-n-Bull barbershop is the only barbershop in Ironton and has been here for more than 20 years.

It has been called Sit-n-Bull since 2002. Steve Gibbs is the owner and he's normally a pretty happy guy.

He's known to share stories and jokes with customers. But what happened over the Fourth of July weekend makes him feel a few other emotions.

"[I'm] upset, disappointed, hurt, wondering what kind of individual would want it? Take it? We don't have any idea," said Gibbs.

The stolen property was his family's barber pole. It's been in his family of barbers for more than three generations.

"[It] was my grandpa's that he bought in the '50s, passed down," said Gibbs. "My Uncle Jim had it, then Uncle Bob and then me."

For now, Gibbs is using a PVC pipe substitute to keep the look. However, it's not the same for them or the customers.

"If it's spinning then we're open," said Gibbs "If it's not, we're either at lunch or we're just closed, but they look for that"

Shannon Chamberlain is the other barber at Sit-n-Bull. He said he's more confused than anything else.

"What would anybody do with it. I mean it doesn't mean anything to anyone else unless you're a barber," said Chamberlain.

But this is pole means more to Gibbs because of the history.

"I hate to pay the crook that took it, but I would just to have it back," said Gibbs. "I don't know if the thief's got a conscious or not but it would be nice to get it back"

A new barber pole might cost him around $500.

Gibbs has offered $100 if the pole is returned in one piece.

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