Senath, MO community comes together to honor first responders

Community members in Senath, MO gather to honor first responders

SENATH, MO (KFVS) - As the U.S. mourns the loss of officers killed in Baton Rouge, a small town in southeast Missouri decided to honor its everyday heroes.

Dozens of Senath, Mo residents got a chance to have face-to-face conversations with their law enforcement officers and firemen on Saturday, July 23.

Some people in the community read poems and others said prayers for the safety of their officers.

Fire Chief Kent Montgomery said with all that's happening in the world, moments like this for a small community are needed

"We're not always around during the day time or at night to where they can talk to us and tell us how they feel," Montgomery said. "So coming together like this shows us how much they appreciate our help and what we do for the citizens."

Senath Police Chief Omar Karnes agreed and called the gathering essential to becoming one with a community.

"Sometimes you get the feeling nobody cares," Karnes said. "This show that somebody does care. We got to stop this separation of law enforcement and the public."

Mayor Joe Lane said it's important to show first responders how much they mean to the community.

"Firemen never know when they go to the fire what they are going to run into," he said. "Sometimes that work into hot weather, real heavy materials on, policeman's the same way, they don't know what they going to run into when they stop a vehicle, so we need to show them more appreciation."

A short time after the fellowship, the room was closed to first responders so they could enjoy their meal.

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