Gordonville, MO woman starts GoFundMe page to help families beat the heat

Gordonville, MO woman starts GoFundMe page to help families beat the heat

GORDONVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Not everyone has the ability to stay inside in the air conditioning as we suffer through the extreme temperatures this weekend.

With temps outside as high as 96 degrees, one Cape Girardeau family said while dealing with A/C problems they found, ironically, staying outside proves to be the cooler option.

"It's been extremely awful!" Shanelle Fann said.

"Actually very terrible," Zachary Fann said.

That's how Zachary and Shanelle Fann describe dealing with the extreme heat and a broken air conditioner. They both said it's been especially tough on their four kids.

"We've been beating the heat by trying to stay under the fans, trying to stay cool," Shanelle said. "Even letting my kids playing in cold bath water to stay cool."

"I don't want to ruin everything in my freezer or fridge, but that's about the coldest thing in the house," Zachary said.

So, the family decided keeping everyone outside is actually better than staying inside in an overheated house.

"It's not easy keeping a full house cool with just a very little bit and not having the money to do it," Zachary said. "You can barely make it through life, paying bills, working, it's hard making ends meet."

After hearing about the couple's situation, their friend Hannah Gerecke decided to figure out a way to help.

"I just figured that if I couldn't provide it myself, maybe I could start a GoFundMe page and people would help," Gerecke said.

With three kids of her own, Gerecke said she understands Zachary and Shanelle's pain and knew she had to come up with a way to help not only her friends, but others, as well.

"I've been through so many ideas and this was only one that I could think of that might help raise more money,'"Gerecke said.

But until that help comes, Zachary and Shanelle said they plan to continue to find other ways to beat the heat.

"We blocked off doorways, we have fans running, every possible scenario we can think of because it's hot out there right now," Zachary said.

Gerecke also said even if she doesn't make enough money to buy everyone new A/C units, she plans to buy bottles of water and fans instead.

To find out how you can help, click here.

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