Just how hot do things get in the sun?

Just how hot do things get in the sun?

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - When the dog days of summer hit, one of the main places people go is to a water park.

Cape splash in Cape Girardeau attracts a lot of families to come out and enjoy their many attractions during the hot summer weather, but sometimes people don't realize just how hot things get.

Susan Overby, a mother of two, used an infrared thermometer to test some of the places around the park.

"It's about 115," Overby said as she tested the edge of a water slide.

But she said the high temps don't bother her one bit.

"Well, maybe not so much on this part here because that's not really a surface that people would touch as much as the part they walk on," Overby said.

The concrete measured up at 95 degrees.

But Cape splash isn't the only place where things are affected by the high temps.

Brauck Burge was playing with his niece Mackenzie at Capaha Park. He was surprised that a slide in Capaha park got so hot.

"It's 90 degrees Fahrenheit... 92," Burge said. "That's actually a lot hotter than I thought it would be, especially after this rain."

The temperature around noon on Friday, July 22 was 87 degrees, meaning it could have been a lot worse out there.

"I would say this concrete isn't as bad as some I've been to at other places," Overby said. "This is at least tolerable to walk on."

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