Furious: Missouri tops list of most angry suspected offenders

Furious: Missouri tops list of most angry suspected offenders

MISSOURI (KFVS) - Even suspects say 'cheese.'

Turns out, the most common emotion shown in mugshots from across the country is happiness.

That is according to a study completed by Aizman Law Firm.

It took a comprehensive look at 30,000 mugshots and ran them through an online tool that can detect emotions.

Of the 30,000 mugshots, 59 percent show suspects flashing the camera a smile.

North Carolina has the happiest offenders.

Digging a little deeper, the study found the most joyful arrestees are those suspected of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

As for Heartland states, Missouri has some of the angriest and contemptuous mugshots.

Missouri came in at number four on the angry scale, at least at the moment offenders got their photo taken.

The angriest state is Maryland.

However, the study can't say why these suspected offenders were angry, but this was a typical emotion among those arrested for gang offenses, traffic offenses, or weapons offenses.

Missouri also ranked number four for mugshots of alleged culprits most likely to jut out their chins in contempt.

New Jersey had the most contemptuous arrestees, which according to the law firm is "a stat that might not surprise fans of the reality TV show 'Jersey Shore.'"

People arrested in Kentucky also seem to show a lot of emotion, especially fear.

Kentucky came in at number two on the shyness scale.

The suspects most likely to look terrified were alleged traffic offenders, those arrested for terrorism or terroristic threats, and statutory rapists.

According to the law firm, it remains a mystery why researchers found so many cheerful suspected offenders, grinning fiercely at the camera.

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