FIRST ALERT: Action day issued for dangerous heat and humidity. OPEN APP for full forecast.

First Alert Forecast: What to expect 7/22

It is Friday, July 22, 2016.

First Alert Weather Outlook:

Friday is a First Alert Action Day because the heat index for most of the Heartland will reach triple digits again, and higher than any other day this week. Early morning storms moving through southern Illinois may bring gusty winds and rain, but should move out of the area by mid-morning. On the plus-side these storms will cool things down for some northern counties. Brian is tracking temperatures hour by hour for your Friday. FIRST ALERT: The weekend will continue with dangerous heat and humidity.

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Making Headlines:

Early morning crash: Cape Girardeau police are investigating an early morning crash that ended with a truck upside down. The driver lost control of his truck near the intersection of Silver Springs Road and Shawnee Parkway.

Peaceful end: The Republican National Convention came to a close Thursday after Donald Trump gave an hour and 16 minute speech, the longest in recent history. Accepting the Republican nomination in Cleveland, the billionaire twice pledged to be a "voice" for working Americans, restore law and order and to confound elites and doubters by winning the White House in November.

Missing: The Indian air force lost contact with a transport plane carrying 29 people to islands in the Bay of Bengal, the defense ministry said.

Saying goodbye: One of the three officers killed in an ambush in Baton Rouge will be laid to rest today. This morning, a funeral is set for military veteran-turned-officer Mattew Gerald.

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