How to stay safe in dangerously hot temperatures

How to stay safe in dangerously hot temperatures

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - When it's feeling like triple digits outside, that's where Corey Moore, Cape Girardeau street maintenance worker, spends most of his work day.

Today, he's out re-painting the roads block by block.

"We try to get out and get intersections done," Moore said. "The hotter it is, the better and the faster the paint dries, and that being said, the faster we can move. We have 22 intersections and we got about 6 more left and this heat is really helping us out."

Even though it's hot, Corey looks on the bright side - it helps him get his job done.

For Tara Propst, a fitness instructor, she said running slower in this type of heat isn't a bad thing.

"People get discouraged too, and they know that when it's hot out to not get discouraged, it's just that's part of the game of the heat like this."

She said running in the morning helps, but it's okay if you're not running at your fullest potential.

"In the heat, you're going to have to take it back," Propst said. "Normally your running pace, or your normal work out intensity, you're going to have to take it down quite a bit, you might actually have to walk in this heat, and it's very important to take it back and not go the full speed that you normally would."

This is a no-brainer, but it's important to stay hydrated.

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