Heartland police departments improvise to increase officer safety

Heartland police departments improvise to increase officer safety

(KFVS) - A number of police departments around the country are sending officers out in pairs for their patrols, after violent shootings over the past few weeks.

But what about departments in the Heartland?

"You know we come to work every day knowing that there may be a point in time that we don't get to go home at night - but it is our goal. Everyone goes home at the end of the shift," said Perryville's Sgt. Jeri Cain.

"Our officers are responding to all calls together. so we usually have two to three officers on per shift. Hopefully we don't have multiple calls at the same time but it does happen."

In Cape Girardeau, Officer Richard McCall wishes they could put more than one officer per car - but that's just not possible.

"Absolutely I think ever agency wish they had more man power and it's not just Cape [Girardeau]. All agency's in America wish they had more cops so it's not isolated to Cape," said McCall.

But McCall says since they don't have the man power they turn to other options.

"Training… reiterating basic training and advance training in situations where it be verbally deescalating situation," said McCall.

Both Cape Girardeau and Perryville police know that first interaction can change everything.

"I would always tell my new officers, 'how you approach people and how you react to them will set the stage for how your interaction goes.'"

Perryville police also say they have agreements with other law enforcement in the area to help if there are too many calls.

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