By: Amy Jacquin

A stain on your carpet. Or on your favorite suit.We've all done it, and we've all searched for products to un-do it! But do they work? We put one cleaner to the test. Oxi-Clean's makers claim to be the stain specialists. You get four products for $20 when you buy the starter kit. But will it clean things up? Or just clean-out your wallet?
Oxi-Clean has products for your clothes, carpet, toilets, tile, decks, bricks, siding, and more. We test its stain-cleaning power with the help of Dawn Wilson. The Advance Mom says her four children stained her light-colored carpet beyond repair, and she's tried dozens of times to clean it up. Dawn believes if Oxy Clean works here, it'll work anywhere.
"I've been desperate!"exclaims Dawn. "I want something that will clean my carpet."
Oxy Clean claims to unleash the cleaning power of oxygen, when combined with water. "It's cloudy,"Dawn says as she describes how it looks. "And there are bubbles."
But will the bubbles beat the big spots? Directions say to saturate the stain and let it soak for up to 30 minutes. We use almost a half-bottle on a stain the size of a piece of notebook paper.
"It looks really white," Dawn says excitedly. "I can see bubbles and it's sort-of foaming."
As we squirt Oxi-Clean on the second stain, it lightens the carpet almost immediately. That's not unusual; lots of popular stain removers have reflectors built in, so they look amazing at first. But the true test is after the carpet dries. We leave the carpet to soak, and head to the laundry room.
Our test here is a heavily-worn pair of boys' socks. We wash one in Oxi-Clean, and the other in chlorine bleach. Oxi-Clean comes with a pre-treater, but we don't use that. We want our test to compare only Oxi-Clean and bleach. We fast forward to the finish. The sock washed in Oxi-Clean, and it is a little less yellow around the balls of the feet.
As for the carpeting? We rinse and blot, according to directions. "Look at that!" Dawn says. "It's coming up! Ha! I'm shocked!" Oxi-Clean lifts some of the stains that Dawn feared were permanent. It encourages her so much, she decides to pre-treat the entire carpet with Oxi-Clean, then shampoo with it. But Dawn scrubbed it, even though the directions didn't call for it.
We check back one week later, after the carpet dries completely. You can see quite a difference."It lightened the stain tremendously, and I'm pleased with that," says Dawn.
But Oxi-Clean didn't remove the stains completely, even after Dawn added some extra elbow-grease. But you can see a big improvement in the carpeting, and in the sock. So we give Oxi-Clean a 'B.'