Law enforcement veteran in Murphysboro, IL honors fallen officers

Veteran officer in Murphysboro, IL flies flag at half-staff

MURPHYSBORO, IL (KFVS) - Between the recent shootings of police officers in both Dallas and Baton Rouge, flags have been flying at half-staff all over the country.

And it is becoming an all-to-common sight around Murphysboro, Illinois.

Jeff Bock, a law enforcement veteran and former police chief, is also remembering the fallen with his flag - but in a different way.

"Well, half-staff is always been identified with us being in mourning," Bock said. "I feel that out of respect for the law enforcement officers that we've lost that my flag should be at half-staff."

But for Bock, lowering his flag is not the only thing he wants to do for the fallen. He also built a memorial for the officers by making a thin blue line lit up by a blue light and placed it directly next to his flag.

"Yes, this will be in memoriam to the officers that have died in the line of duty," Bock said. "The thin blue line describes what we live every day, sticking together, our unity, it's become a national symbol."

The once police chief said he plans to turn on the blue light every night when his flag is at half-staff, which may be longer than you might expect; Bock will leave his flag at half-staff until a full week goes by where an officer is not killed in the line of duty. He placed the memorial next to his flag to let people know why his flag is at half-staff.

"It's the awareness of why my flag is at half-staff," Bock said. "I believe it will stay here as long as I live here, hopefully, it's not lit the whole time I'm here."

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