Cape Girardeau Cub Scout camp ready to beat the heat

Cub Scout camp making sure kids stay hydrated

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - It's going to be a tough week to be outside, but one group is prepared to do just that.

Leaders from a Cub Scout camp in Cape Girardeau is prepared to make it their goal that nearly 100 kids are having fun and staying hydrated throughout an entire week's worth of outdoor activities.

Two children attending the camp, who say they are having fun and staying hydrated is Anthony Kain and Jack White.

"It's mostly to be having fun with other people," Anthony said. "I've been drinking water," Jack said.

Camp Director Neal McGuire said hydration starts at home before you even walk out into the heat.

"I think bring a water bottle occurred three times on the list of things to bring to camp," McGuire said. "First item, middle item, and last item on the list was bring a water bottle."

McGuire said they're continually reminding children to drink water and said it's hard to convince some of the younger kids.

"Children, scout age, tend to like to do lip service to the water they will put it up to their lips and they'll play around and not actually drink," McGuire said. "So you actually want to make sure they drink the water."

The camp even has a registered nurse Lavonna Wollard-Biddle on hand to make sure everyone is staying hydrated with water, not other drinks, like sports drinks and sodas.

"Electrolyte replacements like Gatorade, Powerade all of those have a place, but shouldn't be your main source of liquid," Wollard-Biddle said.

Leaders are also recommending children to wear hats, sunscreen and to eat healthy food.

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