City signs read both 'Du Quoin' and 'Duquoin'; mayor wants it corrected

City signs read both 'Du Quoin' and 'Duquoin'; mayor wants it corrected

DU QUOIN, IL (KFVS) - If you drive to the City of Du Quoin, Illinois, you will see the city limit sign say "Du Quoin". However, if you come in from a different way, it reads "Duquoin".

What gives?

The correct spelling is "Du Quoin" with a space between it, according to Du Quoin Mayor Guy Alongi.

Well, sort of. We'll explain later.

Alongi said he noticed the sign recently and became aware of the misspelling.

"I saw it about a week or so ago and said that doesn't look right," he said.

Alongi said if you come in on Highway 152 on the west side of town, you will see the misspelled sign.

"I wonder if the Mayor of Chicago would allow his sign to be spelled 'chicago', Alongi said. "Probably not."

He said they want to have it fixed so they called the Illinois Department of Transportation to get a new sign.

"It's all about city pride," Alongi said.  "We start with our community and we build around that. We just don't want a misspelled sign."

So if there's been anyone that has ever wondered how to correctly spell the city name, this surely clears it up, right?

Wait, there's more.

Alongi said the correct original spelling of the city is "Du Quoin." Yes, that looks exactly the same as stated above. It's because when the city was originally named, it had a half space between "Du" and "Quoin". Something these computers can't input.

Alongi said during the modern era, it's acceptable to have the one space in the city name.

Recently, Alongi said a new logo was designed in Du Quoin and they designed it with half a space.

"We did it right because we can Photoshop that stuff now," Alongi said.

Alongi hopes to get the new sign up and corrected - along with a fix for mismatching population numbers, as well.

"It's a clerical error that needs corrected," he said.

Alongi said if the city doesn't get any cooperation from the state city officials have the option of getting a sign made in Carbondale.

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