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Workout with a partner? Try a medicine ball

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Source: KFVS (rotational twist) Source: KFVS (rotational twist)
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Source: KFVS (chest pass with a reverse lunge) Source: KFVS (chest pass with a reverse lunge)

A medicine ball can be a great tool when working out with a partner or just looking for a way to get your heart rate up at the end of a workout. 

Fitness Trainer Tamatha Crowson shared 3 exercises that work everything from your core, arms, and legs.
Medicine Ball Workout: 

1.    Rotational twist:  Stand back-to-back with your partner with one of you holding the medicine ball. 

Bend your knees to support your lower back.

For there, twist your upper body side-to-side passing the ball back and forth.

“Pull your core nice and tight,” Crowson said. “Your spine is nice and straight.  The important thing to remember is to keep your hips as stable as possible.”

2.    Over/under:  Facing away from each other about a foot apart, bend over and pass the ball between your legs to your partner.  

Your partner will then grab the ball from between their legs, stand up, and pass the ball to their partner reaching back above their head. 

“Keep your core muscles tight,” Crowson said. “The more you bend your legs, the more you’re going to work your lower body."

3.    Chest pass with a reverse lunge: Face your partner, but put a little distance between you. 
One person will hold the ball and step back one leg into a lunge. 

As that person is coming up from the lunge, they will throw the medicine ball to their partner who will then step back into a lunge. 

Repeat, alternating legs. 

“The way I like to use these exercises is 30 to 60 seconds per interval,” Crowson said. “Take a little break between each.  Go as many intervals as you want.”

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