Cape Girardeau, Jackson businesses using Pokemon Go to attract gamers

Cape Girardeau, Jackson businesses using Pokemon Go to attract gamers

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - As the Pokemon Go craze continues, churches and local businesses are taking advantage of the amount of foot traffic they're seeing in their areas.

St. Paul Lutheran Church in Jackson, Missouri is a Pokemon Go stop and church members decided play into it, setting up a cooler filled with water for gamers who stop by.

The church also lists their service times and invites gamers to their church, as well.

Gamer Richard Bohn said he's happy to see churches participating in the fun.

"I'm sure they want as many people to come to the church as possible, so it's pretty cool they're getting on board with it," Bohn said.

However, gamer Johnathan Ramsey said he isn't sure how long some businesses will be up for random people on their properties.

"I think there's also a possibility they might get tired of having people on their property all the time, too," Ramsey said. "That's one thing you might see in the future, I think."

On the flip side, bars in Downtown Cape are also taking advantage of the influx of people in the area.

Many bars are offering Pokemon-inspired drinks and free WiFi so gamers can "catch em' all".

Pokemon Go gamer Mike Lorenz said his friends are taking advantage of the perks bars are giving away.

"We went down to the bars just last night and we were going to be downtown anyway," Lorenz said. "So, oh you pull out your phone a couple times check it while you're down there, it's fun to play so you at it you might as well keep up with it and see what's going on."

Again, local law enforcement does advise against playing the game while drivers and is asking gamers to pay attention while walking around.

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