Heartland family claims father flew through Gateway Arch in 1966

Heartland family claims father flew through Gateway Arch in 1966

FREDERICKTOWN, MO (KFVS) - The Vance family of Fredericktown, Missouri are claiming that their late father, Paul Vance, flew through the St. Louis Arch in 1966.

Robin Vance and his brother, Michael, have been collecting articles on the Arch pilot ever since.

"He flew through the arch but he didn't say anything to anybody," said Michael Vance.

Michael said that his father never said he actually flew through the Gateway Arch until he was in his 90s.

The Vance brothers also say their dad kept his flight through the Arch quiet for fear of losing his pilot's license.

The FAA launched an investigation, but never found out who was behind the illegal flight.

"The FAA examiner who was looking for the pilot that flew through the arch happened to be a good friend of his," said Michael

The flight through the Arch happened on June 22.

Both Brothers say the Aero Commander Plane gives it away.

"The description of the airplane that went through was in fact a description of his airplane," said Robin Vance

Their dad passed away in 2012, however there's still a reminder of his feat. His headstone has images of the plane going through the Arch.

"He wanted everyone to know when he passed away. It's on his grave stone it's their forever and that's more what he lived with and that's what  makes him happier," said Robin.

While we may never know exactly who flew through the arch, that doesn't bother the Vance family.

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