Black Lives Matter protesters take to the streets in Carbondale, IL

'Black Lives Matter' protest to take place in Carbondale, IL

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - On Wednesday night, July 13, protesters in Carbondale, Illinois took to the streets to protest what they see as injustice.

Two days before, a man drove through protesters, and was attacked by protesters.

This is will be the third protest in Carbondale in less than a week.

In a video from Sunday, you can see protesters marching through the streets, chanting and setting off fireworks; hoping to bring attention to recent officer involved shootings.

The issue and protests have polarized many in the community.

On Wednesday night, we talked to people with mixed reactions.

"I think it's encouraging that there are people here who care enough about the issue to get out and do something about it," Addison Delisle said.

"All lives matter, not just black," Rebecca Szparagowski said. "I can see why they're protesting, I'm not against it. Some of the ways they go about the protesting, I'm not 100 percent for."

"As long as they're not being violent about it and being respectful of, of course, other's people's property," Mary Crisler said. "It's a great way to get their opinions out."

City Manager Gary Williams said no official request to march or protest had been made, but the city is making accomodations for the demonstrations.

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