Does It Work: Ice Cream Magic

Does It Work: Ice Cream Magic
Testers (left to right): Logan Hunt, Joey Wilson, Porter Phillips, Roanie Phillips. (Source: KFVS)
Testers (left to right): Logan Hunt, Joey Wilson, Porter Phillips, Roanie Phillips. (Source: KFVS)

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - There's nothing that can cool you down in the summer like a nice bowl of ice cream, but making your own usually involves an expensive ice cream maker.

The makers of Ice Cream Magic claim their product can put homemade ice cream your hands in minutes, but does it work?

To put Ice Cream Magic to the test, we enlisted the help of six-year-old Porter and four-year-old Roanie Phillips and their babysitter/aunt Logan Hunt who often finds herself searching for ideas to keep the kids busy during the summer months.

"Especially when it's super hot outside and you can't be outside for very long, you come inside and try to find something inside to do," said Hunt.

The commercial for the ice cream shaker makes it sound like this product will fit the bill. The As Seen On TV ad claims that you'll have delicious homemade ice cream in three minutes.

We followed the product directions filling the lower cup of Ice Cream Magic with crushed ice, salt and a small amount of water.

Next, we added the ingredients called for to make a small batch of vanilla ice cream. We screwed on the ice-cream shaped lid and Roanie and Porter took turns shaking Ice Cream Magic until our timer sounded marking the end of our three-minute shake.

When we opened Ice Cream Magic all we found was milky mush – no ice cream. Roanie scooped a bit of the liquid with her spoon and said it did taste like ice cream, although it was far more creamy than icy.

At the bottom of the metal freezing bowl Porter was able to fish out a frozen chunk that did resemble ice cream.

"Ice cream!" he said "Right there."

The kids mixed up another batch in Ice Cream Magic, this time adding additional crushed ice and two more minutes to the shake clock.

The extra ice and time did seem to produce more solid ice cream, but liquid still remained.

How about the taste? Hunt said it wasn't as delicious as advertised.

"'It was a little grainy," said Hunt. "You could still taste the sugar in it. It was a lot of shaking that had to be done and a lot more work than the package said for not what it looks like."

Hunt and the kids gave Ice Cream Magic two stars on this Does it Work test.

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