Reel Smart Garden Hose Reel

Reel Smart Garden Hose Reel

Work in the garden doesn't stop when you get everything planted. You have to wrestle the watering hose, and try to roll it back up without kinks.

But we test a product that may help wash those typical hose problems away.

Several members of the Council of Garden Clubs for Cape Girardeau spent much of the day planting almost 80 azalea bushes in Capaha Park.

The colorful addition sits next to the rose and butterfly gardens... and is expected to attract even more tourists to town.

These master gardeners know all the shortcuts worth taking... but they've never heard of Reel Smart. This $70 product promises to use water power to roll your normal garden hose perfectly, every time... no electricity, no batteries, no kinking.

First, we attach the drain hose, which just pushes on. Then we hook-up the leader hose, and screw the other end onto the faucet. Now we're ready to attach the regular garden hose, which wraps around the inside wheel and up the back to where you can easily screw it onto the Reel Smart.

This lever on the side is the key to its operation. It's pushed forward to use the hose, and pulled back to rewind.

That's it! We're ready to turn the water on... and Nancy Bahm gives the beautiful bushes a drink of water. The non-profit council of garden clubs raised more than two- thousand dollars to plant this azalea garden.

Okay, now for the "reel" test! Nancy wants to see if the Reel Smart will really roll-up 100 feet of hose. You have to keep the water running as you pull the lever back to the "rewind" position...

And look at what happens!

"Oh, this is a wonderful invention!" exclaims Nancy Bahn. "It works! I like the rolling action."

Reel Smart uses only the pressure of the water to slowly but steadily wind-up the hose... and a guide keeps it wrapping evenly from side-to-side.

"It's wonderful," echoes Nadine Davis. "At $70 it's a little pricey. But it works well."

As the hose is rolled, some of the water is diverted out of the drain attachmet. And when it gets to the end, the "donut" attachment keeps the end of the hose from going inside... and it's time to shut-off the water.

"I was wondering if this would really work," adds Nancy. "It does. I like the action of it."

We tested the $70 Reel Smart several times, with consistent results. So this curious little guy is billed as the only quack around here! Reel Smart earns an A-... and the only reason it gets the "minus" is because it's pricey.