Perryville Jiu Jitsu instructor offers free law enforcement classes to give back

Perryville Jiu Jitsu instructor offers free law enforcement classes to give back

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Chad Morrison, head instructor at Perryville Jiu Jitsu, is looking to give back after being in Dallas during an ambush that left five officers dead.

"The attack in Dallas while I was there was a pretty scary ordeal," Morrison said.

He was there for an annual BQuick training camp when the attack happened.

Morrison said it was an eye-opening experience to see first hand the problems police officers are having in today's world.

"This is just crap," Morrison said. "They are out there doing their job, trying to protect us, trying to save us, keep us from the bad guys. And the bad guys are turning on them and making them targets."

What touched him the most was seeing the officers that continued to do their job despite the horrific event.

"No body called in 'Hey man you know by buddy got shot, my buddy is dying,' stuff like that," he said. "'I need to take a day off and mourn.' Nope they were right back in the office, right back in their car, right back doing what they had to do every day."

That is what motivated him to take action.

"One technique, I can show you one thing that might possibly save your life, get you home to mom and dad, get you home to your wife and kids," Morrison said.

He is now offering free classes for life to all active law enforcement officers.

Sheriff's deputies, police officers, troopers train at his gym in Perryville and feel the training is going to help them.

"If you can't do this here, how are you supposed to protect yourself when you're in full gear and out there on the road," said Lonnie Johnson a Deputy for the Perry County Sheriff's Office.

Only five officers took advantage of this offer so far but they plan on telling others about the benefits.

"I'll probably go home and recommend it to people," said Josh Eftink, who also works for the Perry County Sheriff's Office.

In a post on Facebook, Morrison said he hopes, "... together we will be able to get the upper hand on these criminals."

The Perryville Sheriff's Office shared Morrison's post, thanking him and encouraging their deputies to take advantage of the training.

Morrison isn't the only one who is offering training like this.

Brian Imholz, a martial arts instructor in Jackson, Mo., who was recently presented a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu black belt, is also working with police officers in the area.

To take advantage of the free classes, Morrison said you can contact him at Perryville Jiu Jitsu either by phone at 573-768-4703 or stop by the facility at 319 E. North Street.

Morrison said if the class times don't fit an officer's schedule, he can make time to help them out. He promises no gimmicks.

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