Pool workout: get fit and stay cool

Pool workout: get fit and stay cool

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The pool can be a great place to keep cool and get a good work out this summer.

Fitness trainer Tamatha Crowson says working out in the pool can be very beneficial for those who suffer with joint issues.

"The resistance of the water gives you a great muscle workout," Crowson said. "You can also get a great cardio workout."

Crowson shares her full body workout that consists of four exercises.

1.    Flutter kicks: This is great for your lower body. Keeping your legs straight behind your body, alternate your legs in an up and down motion.

"You can use a noodle or the side of the pool," Crowson said. "You can make this nice and big or you can make it little and fast.  They both work the same muscles.  It's just a little bit different intensity."

2.    One-legged knee tucks: lift on knee and hold it up for the entire exercise.  For there, push off the stand leg, tuck it in and bring it back down.

"I had some knee problems a couple years ago and it was very painful," Crowson said. "I did this exercise a couple times a week in the water for about two months and my knee just miraculously got better because of the non-impact nature of the water exercise."

3.     The twist: This is a great exercise for the abs.

"Gripping onto the side of the pool." Crowson said. "I've got both feet on the edge. I'm going to push off and twist and extend.  Come back, push off, extend."

4.    The get out, fake out (pool push up): This exercises targets the upper body. Face the side of the pool, put your hands on the side and push up out of the water, straightening your arms, and then dropping back into the water.

"This is great for your shoulders, your whole arms, the chest, and anytime you have to hold a position it's great for you core," Crowson said.

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