One-on-one with Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner

Giacomo Luca sits down for a 1-on-1 with IL Gov. Bruce Rauner

ILLINOIS (KFVS) - Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner made a stop in Du Quoin, Ill. on Friday, July 8 to speak about government spending, political agendas and the future of Illinois.

Illinois lawmakers haven't been able to reach a formal spending plan since July 2015. Over the past year, state legislators have compromised on short-term measures to fund state services.

Recently, legislators approved a stop-gap measure that will fund state services until December. The exception being kindergarten through 12th grade, which has been funded through the next year.

"Well what we did, the reason we got things done is the key reforms that we've been advocating for the last 18 months, we got an agreement that they'll be voted on after the November election," Rauner said.

Heartland News sat down one on one with Governor Rauner to talk about the future of Illinois.

The governor has refused to sign off on a spending plan without structural reform through his "Turnaround Agenda." Legislative leaders have called the Governor's agenda a personal one.

"Not at all. The reforms we're advocating are the reforms that job creators and working families have been asking for, for years," Rauner said. "The system is broken. I ran to change it, make it better, working for the people again. And we're going to get the job done."

The Republican governor is fighting the long-time Democrat controlled legislature.

"What's clear is we just can't keep going down the same road we've been on," Rauner said.

He remains hopeful that lawmakers will work together and reach a full spending plan and consider reform come January.

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