Perry Co., MO woman receives husband's remains after 7 years

Perry Co., MO woman receives husband's remains after 7 years

PERRY COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - The Perry County Coroner put the word out to the public about finding the cremated remains of individuals from Miller's Funeral Home in Perryville.

After getting the word out on July 7, the hunt was over the next day - as relatives of all the remains were located.

One woman said she's finally able to lay her husband to rest and have closure.

"It was seven years to the day last month... It was seven years," Charlotte Furman said.

Furman said it's been a nightmare since she lost her husband Kenneth in 2009.

"All I want is peace of mind, and a resting place for my husband and [to] move on," she said. "So I have some closure, because I didn't [have any] closure - it was like a nightmare, day and night, it was hard."

She said she blames herself a lot because she couldn't afford to get her husband's ashes.

Perry County Coroner Jim Martin said there are different reasons this happens.

"Members move to different communities and that type of thing, so we were anticipating that this would be a reason in the majority of cases but also, there was that in play in several cases but also there was the issue of just financial ability," he said.

But, Martin said his job is to get these people to their loved ones.

"We aren't in the business of collecting debt, we're in the business of making sure we can turn over the remains to the families and get them where they need to be," Martin said.

"I finally got him where he belongs - with me," Furman said.

Furman said she has an idea of how she wants to honor her husband.

"He was in the service, honorably discharged, and I couldn't have his flag because I had nothing to bury. Now that I have the ashes and a place to put him, I'm going to ask for the flag - and that means everything to me," she said.

And to Martin, nothing is more important than saying goodbye to the one you love the most.

"It's a way of essentially being able to say goodbye and there are few things in this life that are more important I think."

Martin said he plans on all of the remains to be picked up within the next 24 to 48 hours.

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