Scammers abound after tornado damages homes, businesses in Metropolis, IL

Metropolis, IL residents clean up after tornado

METROPOLIS, IL (KFVS) - Just one day after the strong storm in Metropolis, Ill., power has been restored in more than 95% of the homes and businesses - but much of the damage can still be seen.

Electrical and debris pick-up crews have been working through the night fixing downed wires and pulling debris off homes.

Mayor Billy McDaniel says the town has been through worse and were ready act quickly.

"Through experience we've had numerous eye storms, we've had several tornadoes, we've had floods, we know what to do, how to do [it], and I would say that our employees are very, very mindful of safety."

A lot of the home owners in Metropolis now have piles of debris sitting in front of their front yard,

McDaniel says he plans to submit a request to have all branches and limbs put into a pile and burned - but until the request is approved, crews are working long hours to pick up fallen debris.

"There's probably been a hundred truck loads, don't know, just as fast as they can go and load that truck - they take it to UCC and put it on the ground. We don't take anything to the burn center until we get all done."

Thanks to the major damage done to some roofs of homes, the Mayor's office says they've had reports of scammers - going door to door trying to scam homeowners, claiming they're there to help.

Mayor Billy McDaniel says fraud is something he simply won't allow to happen.

"If you cheat Ms. Jones, we're going to have a problem. We're going to protect the integrity of the work that goes on... We want them to make money, we need them, but you're not going to charge 1,500 dollars for a 300 dollar job. We urge everybody to not pay anybody any money up front."

Luckily for homeowners, contractors must be registered with the city. To find out if you're talking to a real contractor you can simply give City Hall a call.

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