Current River campers rushed to higher ground due to holiday flash flood

Current River campers rushed to higher ground due to holiday flash flood

VAN BUREN, MO (KFVS) - A rough season along Current River continues due to the river's rising water levels.

As some people chose to spend their Fourth of July weekend camping along the river, many got a rude awakening when the water quickly began to rise due to flash flooding.

What started out as a relaxing holiday vacation for Sue Twigger and her family, quickly turned into quite a serious situation.

"I said 'what are you doing' and he said 'I'm checking the river!'" Twigger said to her husband. "And I'm thinking we're a ways from the river!"

But what Sue didn't know was that the river's water levels were rising and about to flood their camper.

"I had went to go look and the water was up to the step and I'm just like okay," she said.

However, the river rose more than five feet in just one hour.

Luckily, Sue and her family quickly got to safety and only loss a boat.

"The water was moving pretty fast and when you step out and you're in a foot deep of water and trying to get people around, it was kind of scary there," Twigger said.

A few other visitor campers received damage from the flash flood, as well.

The flooding happened so fast that several National Park Service rangers showed up to make sure everyone was okay.

District Manager Chris Figge said with high waters on Current River all season, everyone was thinking they finally had a break.

"We weren't expecting this type of weather incident," Figge said. "The way the forecast was calling for rain, the National Weather Service did put out a weather advisory, but we weren't expecting this type of flood incident."

No matter the damage left behind, Twigger said she's just happy everyone got to higher grounds.

"The stuff doesn't matter," she said. "I'm just glad we were out of there safe."

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