Perry Co., MO coroner's office: Family of cremated remains found

Perry Co., MO coroner's office asks for help in finding family of cremated remains

PERRY COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - The Perry County, Missouri coroner, Jim Martin, said all the families of the cremated remains of six people have been found.

The coroner's office was asked to take on nine sets of cremated remains after Miller's Funeral Home in Perryville.

They were asked to take on the remains due to state statutes and the State Board of Funeral Directors procedures.

The coroner's office said the funeral home had not previously been able to return six of the cremated remains to family members.

Perry County Coroner Jim Martin said there are different reasons this happens.

"Members move to different communities and that type of thing, so we were anticipating that this would be a reason in the majority of cases but also, there was that in play in several cases but also there was the issue of just financial ability," he said.

However, Martin said his job is to get these people to their loved ones.

"We aren't in the business of collecting debt, we're in the business of making sure we can turn over the remains to the families and get them where they need to be," Martin said.

On Thursday, July 7, the coroner's office was still looking for relatives. By Friday, they were found.

Martin said he expects all the remains to be picked up within the next day or so.

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