Carbondale makes effort to become bicycle-friendly community

Carbondale makes effort to become bicycle-friendly community

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The City of Carbondale is working to become a bicycle-friendly community.

According to City Manager Gary Williams, a recent study of the city's current infrastructure offered suggestions for future improvements for cyclists.

"It complements the downtown master plan and it's more of a community wide plan that gives us some really good guidance on where we should add bike infrastructure in the community," Williams said.

The 135 page Carbondale Bicycle Master Plan may be viewed by clicking here.

The plan suggests new bicycle lanes, parking spots and many other improvements to attract cyclists.

Williams said the plan is all in an effort to become a bicycle friendly community.

He said Carbondale could benefit greatly from the plans suggested improvements by increasing the number of cyclists and reducing accidents, create more travel opportunities and attract students and visitors to Carbondale.

"This is a great place to come here with a bicycle and you can travel freely through the community and it's just generally a fun place to be," Williams said.

Carbondale native Jovan Williamson rides his bicycle through the city every day.

"Right now, some areas is kind of rough because you know the cars mainly take up a lot of space," Williamson said.

Williamson sad more bike lanes throughout the city would make it easier and safer for him to travel.

The City of Carbondale does not have any long-term budget in place to carry out the plan. However, Williams said new bicycle lanes will be added throughout the city over the course of the next year.

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