City of Christopher, IL puts cameras in park to deter vandalism

City of Christopher, IL puts cameras in park to deter vandalism

CHRISTOPHER, IL (KFVS) - For the City of Christopher, keeping its parks clean isn't a walk in the park.

The city has seen damage and vandalism to the restrooms and tables.

"They built fires on them," said Gary Bartolotti, mayor of Christopher. "They cut off all the plastic around the tables, and we just bought these tables last year at almost 700 a piece"

Bartolotti said this is a huge problem; and they have been dealing with these problems since the park has been there.

"We want everyone to utilize these parks and use them to their fullest but we don't want them destroyed..." he said.

So the city put in a new system to help deter vandalism. Video cameras that can be controlled by the dispatch.

"The public is aware of it," said Bill Klein, the assistant director at Christopher dispatch. "It's gonna be a big help for us. We can catch them in the act and it will be recorded."

Klein said these cameras help him do his job better.

"We can basically pan the whole park and if we see something interesting we can zoom in on it," he said.

But dispatchers can't always keep their eyes on the monitors so the system also allows mobile access by police officers. All in an effort to keep these parks as clean and safe as possible.

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