Some layoffs expected, open positions to remain unfilled at SIU despite Stopgap passage

Some layoffs expected, open positions to remain unfilled at SIU despite Stopgap passage

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Despite a Stopgap budget agreed upon in Springfield, Illinois, Southern Illinois University's Interim Chancellor, Brad Colwell, said cuts still need to be made.

In an open letter to the campus community, Colwell said in the last two years, the university has only gotten 41 percent of the money they need from the state.

This includes more than two dozen layoffs and more than 150 open positions that will not be filled.

According to the letter, the positions of two Civil Service employees were identified for layoff, as well as five continuing non-tenure-track faculty members.

Additionally, roughly 10 non-tenure-track faculty who were on term appointments for the 2015-16 academic year will not have their appointments renewed for the next academic year.

The letter goes on to say about a dozen non-tenure-track faculty will have term appointments in the 2016-17 academic year that are at a lower percentage time status as compared to their appointment in the last academic year.

In addition, Colwell said a total of 155 positions, 45 faculty lines and 110 staff lines remain unfilled.

Forty-nine pre-school teachers at the Southern Region Early Childhood Program also received layoff notices, but university leaders said they expect to rescind those layoffs.

"There continues to be some uncertainty regarding state-funded grants, meaning there could be additional impacts," Brad Colwell said. "For example, 49 pre-school teachers in the Southern Region Early Childhood program received layoff notices. If, as we expect based on last week's legislative action, that state grant is renewed, the layoff notices will be rescinded."

Examples of other budget reductions include: $385,000 for library materials, $300,000 for undergraduate research, $500,000 for research centers and $1.1 million for deferred maintenance, which will slow down needed improvements to academic buildings.
Administrators at Morris library said cuts will primarily affect academic journal subscriptions, leaving currently vacant positions unfilled and potentially reducing hours on Sundays.
Reductions by area to state accounts include:
  • Chancellor: $638,168, or 10.15 percent of final fiscal year 2015 budget
  • Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs: $13 million, 9.23 percent
  • Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance: $3.37 million, 10 percent
  • Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs: $240,043, 10.64 percent
  • Vice Chancellor for Research: $580,737, 11.59 percent
  • Vice Chancellor for Development and Alumni Relations: $349,649, 13.11 percent
  • Intercollegiate Athletics: $195,515, 12.6 percent
  • School of Law: $305,000, 10 percent
  • Economic Development: $64,437, 12.87 percent
  • Campus-wide Allocations (includes such items as debt service, liability insurance and reserves): $2.2 million, 15.93 percent

Colwell said more cuts could be made if the state's budget standoff continues.

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