Metropolis community honors Noel Neill

Metropolis community honors Noel Neill

METROPOLIS, IL (KFVS) - Noel Neill, who played the original Lois Lane, passed away on Sunday, July 3.

For many in Metropolis, Illinois, Neill was an important staple in the community and one who touched so many people in the city.

She became a regular at the Superman celebrations the community holds every year, and was even given a key to the city in 2004, as well as being honored with a statue and plaque in her name.

People steadily visited the statue on Tuesday to pay their respects, with many bringing flowers and trinkets of appreciation.

People sad it's a sad day, but one that will pay tribute to Neill, who left such a great impression on the city and the surrounding communities.

Karla Ogle, Co-Chairperson of the Superman Celebration, said the city is setting up a day in September to allow people to honor her and pay tribute to what she brought to Metropolis.

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