Driver hydroplanes, loses control and crashes into Morehouse mobile home

Driver hydroplanes, loses control and crashes into Morehouse mobile home
(Source: Louis Bailey/cNews)
(Source: Louis Bailey/cNews)
(Source: cNews)
(Source: cNews)
(Source: Louis Bailey/cNews)
(Source: Louis Bailey/cNews)

MOREHOUSE, MO (KFVS) - A Morehouse, Missouri family is in shock, and a driver is recovering after police say a car hydroplaned into their home on Sunday, July 3.

According to the Morehouse Police Department, a female driver was traveling along Front Street when she hit a puddle, causing her vehicle to hydroplane.

Police said the driver lost control and crashed into a mobile home at 210 West Front Street.

Residents were inside of the home at the time of the incident.

"We were just minding our own business and it sounded like an explosion," renter Jean Stroud said.

She said she hadn't planed on spending her holiday this way.

"What fourth of July weekend? We had our Fireworks yesterday," Stroud said.

Stroud said when the car hit her trailer it shook everything up.

"Things were falling off the walls in every room. Mirrors, dishes, you name it," Stroud said.

When she went to check, Stroud said she found the car on it's side, and a woman laying on top of it.

"She was moving, talking, she seemed to be fine," Stroud said.

A woman suffered injuries that were not life threatening, but was taken to a local hospital.

Stroud said that wasn't the only close call.

"He came out of the bedroom, and that's when it hit."

She said another resident left the bedroom around 10 seconds before impact.

"He would have been killed," Stroud said. "I have no doubt."

Stroud is no stranger to disaster.

"No I'm not. The story of my life," she said.

Stroud says she moved back to Morehouse after her home in Poplar Bluff was damaged.

"Flooded – like, four times," Stroud said.

This trailer was just a temporary solution, and soon she's moving into her own home.

"Things are going to be so much better," Stroud said. "Until then – we're just kind of stuck."

Stroud said she still has no power, no gas and mosquitoes are taking over her trailer. However, Stroud said she's grateful.

"Things happen as they're supposed to, so here I am," she said. "One day at a time."

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