Flash flood nears West Frankfort homes

Flash flood nears West Frankfort homes
(Source: Jason Beavers, Homeowner)
(Source: Jason Beavers, Homeowner)

WEST FRANKFORT, IL (KFVS) - Severe weather struck the Heartland this Independence Day weekend.

Some families in southern Illinois watched a flash flood come up right to their door step Sunday, July 3.

West Frankfort homeowner Jason Beavers said it took just 15 minutes of rain late afternoon Sunday to bring water to his door step along Parkhill Street.

"It got pretty hard for a while," Beavers said. "It was coming down fast. It took about ten minutes I guess. And we had water come up over the road, fill all the ditches up and actually came up to the front of the house up in here, covered all the yard – It was something to see."

Beavers said it's an all to familiar sight.

"Whenever it starts making its way up close to the porch that's when I really start getting worried," Beavers said.

Flash flooding caused damage to Beaver's home in 2008.

"Every time we get a hard rain, and during the spring and stuff when we get all the rains, it happens every time down here," Beavers said.

Fortunately, the water levels dropped quickly before causing any major damage.

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