Beware of fair-weather thieves

Beware of fair-weather thieves

(KFVS) - The arrival of summer means sunny days, families traveling on vacation, and burglars on the prowl.

Department of Public Safety statistics reveal that most residential burglaries occur during the daytime.  In nearly half of the cases reported, the FBI reports that a burglar enters through an unlocked door or window.

The insurance industry recommends these tips:

  1. Install good locks on doors and windows and use them. If you have a sliding glass door, secure it. Thieves use these doors the most.
  2. Buy or lease a security system. If you can't afford one, a decal or sign in the window that warns of a system may be enough to deter a criminal.
  3. Leave a light on or radio playing to give the appearance of someone being home. Use timers to turn lights on and off randomly.
  4. Install outdoor spotlights to illuminate the area around your house, especially entryways. Put the lights on sound or motion sensors.
  5. Notify neighbors when you're leaving on vacation and have your mail and newspaper stopped.
  6. Keep your lawn mowed while you're gone.
  7. Prepare for a lose by taking inventory of valuables. Take pictures of things as they can help identify stolen goods.

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