Fireworks cause problems for veterans with PTSD

Fireworks cause problems for Veterans with PTSD

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - We often associate the explosions of fireworks with celebrations; however, David Scherer, a veteran of the Vietnam War, doesn't always see it that way.

"If I'm seeing it happen, that doesn't bother me," said Scherer. "But if it's behind my back and I'm not expecting it, that bothers me."

Scherer, like other veterans, suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. He served in the Vietnam war and said it's not easy this time of year with all of the noise. Fireworks can send veterans with PTSD into flashbacks.

"You know they say we'll forget it," said Scherer. "It's never forgotten, just never forgotten"

Scherer said that it is not easy for veterans during this time of year. The Office of Veteran Affairs estimates that 30 percent of all Vietnam Veterans have suffered from PTSD in their life time. Scherer is one of those.

"It is. It's tough but I live with it, every day."

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