Park Hills, MO residents dance in support of a friend

Farmington, MO residents show solidarity for dancing man

PARK HILLS, MO (KFVS) - We all get distracted driving. Sometimes it's the music, sometimes it's our kids, and sometimes we're just thinking about where we're going.

In Park Hills, Missouri, near Farmington, some of the residents think you should take a look around. Anthony Zimmer is a resident of Park Hills and he dances on the street corner near his apartment. He dances because he likes to make people smile.

"I'm making people happy," said Anthony when asked why he dances.

Some in the area have reported Anthony to the police saying he's distracting. But other residents like Rhonda Brummer like his dancing. She even hears about it from friends.

"He inspires them and it makes them want to get out and dance and if this young boy can do it against all these odds they can to," said Brummer.

That's why her, and a friend decided to plan a dance along with Anthony. Them and around 30 of their friends. Even on a rainy day the group stood on the corner dancing away.

"That just amazed me that even in the rain people were still out here and were dancing with Anthony," said Brummer.

Zimmer has been dancing on corners in Park Hills for three years and says he plans to not stop anytime soon.

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