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26 weeks - The test results are in....

The test results are in....

It is week 26, which means it is time for my glucose screening test. If you've been pregnant before you probably remember "the sugary drink" that you have to chug. So many women really HATE this drink, I mean REALLY hate it!! I think this is when my big sweet tooth actually works in my favor. I was given the orange flavor, which I'm told is the best one. I really had no problem guzzling it down. I chugged that drink like a CHAMP...but soon I will realize it was a little early to "toot my own horn." I say that because about an hour later the sugar high I was riding, crashed. I did end up feeling a little dizzy about an hour after the drink, and SO tired. I probably should have eaten more before I went because I was only able to grab lunch after my doctor visit. Not a good idea. I almost always have snacks on me...why did I not pack snacks?!! Anyways, I made it and it wasn't so bad.

Back to the results. I got the call today that my levels all looked good!! Yay!!! This is great news because I hear if you fail, you have to do the three hour test which is really terrible. I did get word that my iron was a little low though, so my doctor wants me to start taking a little extra in the form of a pill. My iron levels were always spot on with my first daughter, so this is a little new to me. Hopefully they are easy on the stomach because this is the FIRST WEEK OF MY PREGNANCY THAT I HAVEN'T FELT NAUSEOUS!!! Woot woot!!! I think I'll celebrate that and the fact that I passed my glucose test with a big bowl of ice cream tonight. =) 

Also, I got to hear the heartbeat at my visit, which is always such a wonderful sound! I'm measuring right where I should be, and have gained 15 pounds so far! Oh, and I noticed hiccups for the first time this week!!! Feeling hiccups are by far one of my favorite things about being pregnant! 

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