Food trucks now making their way into Cape Girardeau

Food trucks now making their way into Cape Girardeau

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Need another option for food in Cape Girardeau? How about a food truck?

One food truck has been making its rounds in Cape Girardeau and has been popping up in different locations all over the city.

"Instead of just going to a place and sitting down, you get to have a fun new experience that you previously wouldn't have been able to get in the city," 573 Food Truck Chef Jared Houchins said.

"It's a very unique style of what we're doing and hopefully it works out because it's worked out in different bigger areas and think that it can work out here as well."

Food trucks have been popping up across different parts of the Heartland as another option for a quick meal.

"It's interesting because we weren't sure we would get a good response but everybody so far has been really nice about it and very excited about it," Houchins said. "I think it's helped grow the industry with food trucks within the city for us."

The City of Cape Girardeau allows mobile food units to park on private properties with the stipulation of approval from the property's owner or business.

"It's mutually beneficial for both us and them because we get business and a place to park and they get the notoriety in knowing they're helping out another small business in the city," Houchins added. "It's very good, mutually beneficial and we're always in support of whatever businesses we go into. Trying to get people to follow up with that and help support that business as well."

One thing that the city does not allow is cooking anything outside the truck. Houchins said they have to cook everything fresh in the truck every day they serve the food.

"Not only do we have to be fresh, but we get the opportunity to be fresh because the city won't allow us to not be fresh," Houchins added. "Food trucks are no longer the crazy nasty think that they used to think. They are actually now very well organized."

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