Some residents not happy with city pit bull ordinance

Group trying to revise Poplar Bluff's pit bull ordinance
(Source: Nicole White/ KFVS)
(Source: Nicole White/ KFVS)

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - No pit bulls allowed in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. A city ordinance prohibiting the dog breed is getting some push back from dog owners.

Poplar Bluff resident Nicole White said she had to give up her dog, Ruby within 24-hours after Poplar Bluff Animal Control said her dog was a pit bull.

"He asked, 'what kind of breed is she?" White said. "And I said 'well she's a bulloxer' and he wasn't familiar with the term. So I explained, 'she's half American bull dog and half boxer' and he said 'well, that's just another kind of pit bull.'"

She was forced to give up her dog because of the ordinance, it was deemed to look dangerous by Poplar Bluff Animal Control.

The Deputy Chief for the Poplar Bluff Police Department said the ordinance came about to reduce the amount of dog bites in the area.

“It shall be unlawful to keep or harbor pit bulls...” Deputy Chief of the Poplar Bluff Police Department Don Trout said. 

Even though White said there's no pit bull in her dog.

Trout said it has to follow the ordinance that was meant to protect people.

"It was put in place because of dog bites," Trout said. "For the past 16 years, we've done some stats, recently, 21 percent of the dog bites over the past 16 years has been pit bulls and that's the primary reason it was put in place."

Now, White is coming forward in hopes of not allowing breed specification in the ordinance that took her dog away.

"I was in shock, I was in complete shock, my son and this dog have been best friends since day one and it really hurt him, and it's not fair, it's not fair. on-site identification done by any trained professional is at best a judgement and that's not good enough DNA testing is the only way to prove a dog's breed."

White said on Friday July 2, 2016 her along with her six-year-old son and others plan to ask city council members to consider making changes to the ordinance to get rid of the breed specific ordinance.

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