Mayfield, KY residents vote yes to allow package liquor sales

Mayfield to go 'wet' after voters say yes to package liquor sales

MAYFIELD, KY (KFVS) - Voters in Mayfield, Kentucky took to the polls on Tuesday, June 28, passing a statute that will allow package liquor sales in the previously dry city.

Residents in nine precincts voted on Tuesday and the statute passed with 58 percent of those who came out voting yes, and 42 percent voting no.

Graves County Clerk Barry Kennemore said the legislator had originally passed a statute last year stating if there's a wet/dry vote in the entire county, and it fails to pass, then a city can turn around and do a petition of their own to pass alcohol sales just for that specific city.

Some people in Mayfield, a city in Graves County, decided to do just that.

A group in Mayfield called "Yes for Mayfield" started the petition. Kennemore stated the group needed to have 424 certified signatures.

He said he stopped counting after verifying 455.

Kennemore said a "yes" vote also means the opportunity to bring new business to town.

"When it says alcoholic beverages, that opens up a whole variety of things, okay," Kennemore said. "It can be a package store, it can be a liquor store, it can be a grocery store, it can also be bars."

The treasurer of the "Vote Yes for Wet Mayfield" campaign said the community is losing money to neighboring counties that allow liquor sales.

"I'm looking back at the January election, and we had 35 percent turn out county wide," he said. "I'm expecting anywhere from 35-40% in Mayfield. Back in January we had bad weather, so maybe some people didn't come out for that. But with the good weather we got now, I think we can get up to 40 percent."

Under state law, another special election pushing for alcohol sales can't happen in the county for three years.

Before the statute passed, alcohol sales were legal by the drink in Mayfield restaurants with more than 100 seats and the Mayfield Golf and Country Club.

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